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How to find love online

How to Find Love Online???




Calling all single women!!! Have you always wanted to know how to attract and hold the attention of a man you met on an Internet dating site or in a chat room? Do you wonder what the "magic" is that makes them fall in love with you even before meeting you?? I have the key, and I'm going to share it with you! I have interviewed hundreds of men via the Internet, in chat rooms, and they all want the same thing! So, sit back and get comfy, I'm going to tell you how to become an Internet goddess! The first step is to go into a chat room where you have an interest or knowledge of what the general topics will be. If you know nothing about sports, but just go in the room to look for men, you will be quickly pegged as a woman on the prowl. Just because you ARE, doesn't mean we want them to know it! If you can talk intelligently about the topic and ask a few questions then you will definitely attract some attention. You will also get a few replies to your questions which can lead to a conversation. There will be men that ask you immediately for your ASL (age, sex, location). I typically don't reply to this, because in my opinion, they wouldn't walk up to you in a bar and ask your ASL, expect respect, just as you would when meeting someone new for the first time in a regular situation. I find that men that take the time to find this information out during the course of the conversation are usually of better quality. This is also the stage where they will want to see a picture of you-expect it. If you don't already have one posted, then have a few that you can easily share. A close up of your face and a full length picture of you are both good bets. They should have pictures and be willing to share them also, if not, be wary or move on. I also want you to be honest, and by that I mean, don't pick a picture of you to post when you were in high school and your now 40 years old. Keep the pictures current and remember just like in real life, men like women of all sizes, but they don't like being lied too and neither would you. Step two, be witty! Men love a woman with a sense of humor, someone they can banter with. It also takes away the anxiety of feeling you have to be this sexy mysterious woman, that can come later. For now, laugh..joke..banter and you WILL be noticed! I can't stress the value of this enough, men are drawn like flies to honey to a woman that can take a joke. If someone engages you in banter, then you have got a bite my girlfriend so now what? Step three, be inquisitive! Men love to talk about themselves. So, for now...let them. Offer to play a game of 20 questions where you each take a turn asking something, to get to know each other. This is a nice way to find out some information and even flirt a bit. Let the questions range from the mundane basic facts to somewhat more risque inquiries. Something as simple as, "Do you kiss with your eyes open or shut?" will up your Goddess factor, because suddenly they have to think about kissing and you in the same thought! However, please avoid hot button topics like politics, abortion, death penalty..this is not the time to delve that deep. Step four, don't leave the party too soon! You don't want to wear out your welcome but neither do you want to bail too soon. You want them eager to know more, but not so overwhelmed with you that they need a break. This is probably one of the most difficult points to figure out..when is the perfect time. I tend to use this rule, if the conversation is flowing easily during the 20 questions and they continue to think up questions to ask you, then stay. If they say they've ran out of questions or they can't think of anything else, then its getting time to wrap it up. Step five, don't email them first! I know this sounds silly, like some rule you've heard before. But, I have never emailed first, mostly because I'm lazy and its easier to reply than to initiate. However, I have found that men that are interested will email you. If they want more contact they will send you a quick note, which shows they want to know more. So, if they tell you to email them, reply with something like this, " I hate to email, but I'll make an exception if you send me one first!" When you email them, don't give up too many details, keep it short and sweet. You want them to seek you out again to learn more, not read your biography. Step six, reconnect! Okay, you've been through all the above steps and now you are chatting again. It doesn't hurt at this stage to throw in a casual, "I've missed talking to you." A man that is really interested will respond that he missed you too. If his response is anything other than that, then he may still be on the fence about his interest in you. During this conversation, be a little more daring-or racy, open up a bit more about yourself. Continue to flirt! By the end of the second or third conversation you should know if you've peaked his interest and if you are interested as well. This is the point where you might decide to take the conversation off the Internet and to the phone. I want to reiterate that you use common sense and don't give our your address or your last name until you are comfortable doing so...trust is earned and not just given. If you follow these steps you will be an Internet goddess! The Internet is a great way to meet a wide variety of people, so broaden your horizons and you just might find that you are lucky in love.